" Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them are the promise and guarantee of the future"

In our present-day society, amidst tendencies toward self-gratification, materialism and intergroup conflict, there is a yearning for spiritual values, peace, harmony and justice.

Baha'i Children's Education addresses the spiritual and moral aspects of children's development, to enable them to acquire positive qualities of character and high ideals which are essential for fulfillment in life. Spiritual truth is universal. The Baha'i teachings recognize that all of the world's great religions emanate from the same Divine source and that they share common universal values.

The teachings of Baha'u'llah, the Founder of the Baha'i Faith, form the basis of the moral education classes offered by the Baha'i Community.

Childhood and youth are the best time in life for forming character and developing spiritual qualities, and so it is essential that children learn more than just academic subjects. Intellectual training is most effective when balanced with moral education and spiritual development. Baha'i Children's education works toward creating that balance.

The curriculum is based on the teachings of the Baha'i Faith and focuses on the knowledge and love of God, on Baha'i principles which promote unity and spiritual happiness, and on personal virtues such as honesty, love, trustworthiness, kindness and cooperation.

The principle of the oneness of humanity in particular emphasizes freedom from prejudice and enables children to appreciate the diversity of the human race. Stories, games and art activities are integral parts of the classes.

There are currently a few primary schools in Melville which offer Baha'i education.

These classes are open to all children, subject to parental approval. All children's class teachers are certified under the Baha'i Child Protection Policy which includes a mandatory police check.

To register a child for a Baha'i children class in your area or to obtain more information please contact 0416 163 299 or email: melville@wa.bahai.org.au