The Bahá'í Faith, the youngest independent world religion, has over 6 million followers spread in over 235 countries and territories.

"The Bahá'í Faith upholds the unity of God, recognizes the unity of His Prophets, and inculcates the principle of the oneness and wholeness of the entire human race. It proclaims the necessity and the inevitability of the unification of mankind."1

Bahá'u'lláh, the Founder of the Baha'i Faith, has revealed spiritual and social teachings and laws that mankind needs to solve the problems of this age. In the Bahá'í community there is no clergy or priesthood. Instead, there are institutions at the local, national and international levels, each consisting of nine elected Bahá'ís.

"The holy Manifestations of God were sent to make visible the oneness of humanity. For this did They endure unnumbered ills and tribulations, that a community from amongst mankind's divergent peoples could gather within the shadow of the Word of God and live as one, and could, with delight and grace, demonstrate on earth the unity of humankind."2

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