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Naw-Ruz (literally "New Day") is the Baha'i New Year festival and is held on the spring equinox, March 21.

The festival comes at the end of a 19-day fast in which adult Baha'is abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunset as a reminder of the need for individuals to be detached from their material desires.

Naw-Ruz is the first day of the first of 19 months in the Baha'i calendar, which was initiated by the Bab, the Forerunner of the Faith's Prophet-Founder, Baha'u'llah, who later confirmed it.

For information on times and venues of Naw-Ruz celebration please visit here.

New Year Tablet from Abdul'Baha - 21 March 1918

"O ye Children of the Kingdom! It is the New Year. A year is the expression of the cycle of the sun, but now is the beginning of a cycle of the Sun of Reality! A new cycle, a new age, a new time, and therefore it is very blessed.

I wish the Blessing to appear and become manifest in the faces and characters of all the believers in God, so that they may also become a new people, and having found new life, and been baptized with Fire and Spirit, may make the world as new world -- so that the old earth may disappear and the new earth become manifest; the old ideas depart and new thoughts come; old garments be cast aside, and new garments be put on; former politics, whose foundation is war, be discarded; and new politics, founded upon peace, raise the standard of victory, the new star shine, and the new sun's gleam illumine and radiate; so that new flowers may bloom, the new spring become known, the new breeze blow, the new bounty descend, the new tree bring forth the new fruit, the new voice be raised, and its new sound reach all ears.

I desire for you all that you will receive this great assistance, and partake of this Bounty; that in Spirit and heart, you will strive and endeavour until the World of War become the World of Peace; the Worlds of Darkness the Worlds of Light; Satanic conduct be turned into Heavenly behaviour, the ruined places become builded up; the sword be turned into the olive branch; the flash of hatred be changed into the Flame of the Love of God, and the roar of the gun become the Voice of the Kingdom.

That the soldiers of death may become the soldiers of Life!

That all the nations of the worlds may be united in one nation; all races as one Race.

And all the National Anthems be harmonized into one melody.

Then this material realm will be Paradise, the earth will be Heaven, and the world of Satan will become the World of Angels.

Upon thee be greeting and praise."